Overhead Crane Course Information

Overhead Crane Course Information

The 1 Day Overhead Crane Course consists of the following:

Classroom Portion:

  • Understand the responsibilities of manufacturers, owners, and operators
  • Understand OH Crane terminology
  • Understand the need for operational inspections
  • Learn the basics of OH Crane Safety
  • Understand the need for lift planning
  • Understand the need for rigging inspections
  • Understand load control
  • Learn standard OH crane hand signals.

There is a quiz after the classroom portion that is delivered to the customer for their personnel records. The passing mark is 80%.

Shop Portion:

  • Inspection of the crane
  • General inspection of the rigging
  • Crane operation using standard hand signals.

There will be no load lifting during the shop portion. The operational portion is with an empty hook or only a bridle or sling in the hook.

This course will not certify or determine the competency of OH Crane operators but will provide accurate information to the attendees.

It is the employer’s responsibility to determine the competency of their employees.